The Struggle is Real.

One round of whole30 is not enough for me. I have mumble-mumble years of disordered eating, from anorexic tendencies to binge eating to yo-yo-dieting to juice cleanses to counting calories and vegan diets and raw diets and everything in between. I am saying this out loud because I need to speak the truth and stop pretending. I have very big … [Read more...]

Jousting with the Sugar Dragon

In the Whole30 life, especially the first round you go through, you may encounter the Sugar Dragon. It's the beast deep in your belly that demands ice cream. And cake. And chocolate. And all of the sugar forever and ever, AMEN. And if you do not provide, the Sugar Dragon will huff and puff and burn your FREAKING HOUSE TO THE GROUND SO YOU FEED HIM … [Read more...]