PR Policy

20140103-161915.jpgThis policy is valid from February 12, 2012. Subject to change.

My name is Mia Cupcake (aka Libby Liming) and I like to blog. And tweet. And Facebook. A LOT. All of the opinions here on Bruises in the Frosting are mine….unless it’s from a guest blogger and then I’ll make that pretty clear.For any questions, requests or concerns, please email

When I’m not chasing my kids around or running or working or cleaning up after all of this, I would be happy to help you spread the word about the products/services/glitter that are applicable to me and my family. Bruises in the Frosting is a PR friendly blog.

Just a heads up: I’m not your average mommy blogger.

I am a 30-something year old tattooed & pierced mom from Bellingham, WA (just north of Seattle, south of Vancouver Canada), Disney-lover, runner, amateur chef, music lover, massage therapist, GIANT NERD, retired roller derby girl, Martha Stewart fan, badass, cancer survivor, budding fitness geek who loves pretty much anything shiny or glittery.

My family also includes my two kiddos….but my policy with my kids on the internet is that the littlest one (as of July 2015) no longer appears on the blog or social media. Period. The teenager (Wolfgang) gets to choose what content regarding him gets posted, and which doesn’t. He should have a say in what I do to embarrass him on an international platform!

Anything that you think would benefit our family (within reason), we’re willing to try out. To read my disclosure policy, see here.

We also have a thriving YouTube channel and popular social media channels for our “side” project, Cupcake Family Toys. If applicable, product reviews can be shared across those platforms as well.  

What I don’t do:

  • False reviews (won’t lie, no matter how much you pay me.)

What I do:

  • Talk a lot
  • Tell bad jokes
  • Product reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsorships for conferences, etc.
  • Some sidebar advertising

How it works on Bruises in the Frosting: 

Yes, I do product reviews. In order to do so, I require you to send me a product. (Please note, this item will not be returned.) If it is something that comes in different sizes, I do require a FULL SIZE product. I cannot, in good faith, give my honest opinion on something based on a dab of it. It isn’t fair to me, to your reputation or to my readers (as your potential customers). Please contact me directly for my fee schedule for sponsored content. 

Yes, I will do giveaways if requested. This will require a product SEPARATE from the one you sent me. The giveaway item will be kept by you and shipped from you directly to our winner(s). The giveaway item can be the same as the reviewed product, a different product in your line, or a gift certificate at your discretion. This is to be agreed upon PRIOR to start of giveaway. All terms of giveaway will be mutually agreed upon prior to start of giveaway.

Links to your website will be included in any review or giveaway, and I can link keywords at your request. Once the review is posted, I will email you the link. If you have a specific date you would like the review to be posted, I can accommodate you, within reason (i.e., if it fits into my schedule) – please specify the date in your request!

I reserve the right to refuse ANY product or offer I feel does not fit with my content.

This policy was updated 09/05/2015.