The One Where I Go To Zumba

I love to dance. I really do. I danced for a really big ballet company when I was small, so I am no stranger to actual dancing. I also am well-versed in the kind of dancing that only comes after a lot of whisky. I also have been known to line dance (and enjoy it fully). I dance in my kitchen ALL THE TIME. DANCING MAKES COOKING BETTER. … [Read more...]

Review: The Finest Hours


Last week, I had the opportunity to see Finest Hours in Seattle ahead of its release. Before I get to my review of the movie, I have to tell you...our showing was an experience in and of itself. We (my PLATONIC standing movie date and I...don't get excited) had unknowingly picked the right screening. We walked into the theatre to see it was … [Read more...]

Jump! (For My Rope)


Being a bit of a fitness nerd, I tend to have companies send me fun exercise equipment or doodads or supplements to try out. So when I was offered a new jump rope from TKO, I jumped at the chance. HA. But seriously, I was pretty excited to start working out with this rope....but I had some problems figuring out what to do. I used to … [Read more...]