8 Best Things From Our Trip To Boston

A few weeks ago, before I became deathly ill, I had the pleasure of chaperoning Wolfgang's high school band on a cross-country jaunt to Boston. (And I am not being sarcastic, those kids are a complete delight.) I was going to write an amazing recap of our trip. Then I got through trying to recap the first day. And after the red-eye with our 56 … [Read more...]

Oh Man.

Dear Wolfgang, People on the internet knew you as Boy Wonder for the longest time. Like since you were five. Since I started writing crazy stuff about how you told the preschool teacher when you were four that she had mixed up Mars and Mercury and you were right. Or the time you decided you wanted to read Harry Potter at age 6. And you did. Or … [Read more...]

Fall is coming.

I'm having a hard time with fall this year.Don't get me wrong. Sweaters, fog, boots, pie, Halloween, back to school...I'm in. I love fall. Fall is my favorite. But I feel a little melancholy that summer is over. This summer, I took time and put my phone down. I went to California for my first blog conference. I spent more time with my kids and … [Read more...]