That One Time I Drove a Kia Soul EV


Back in July (I know, I am REALLY REALLY BEHIND on posts, bear with me) I was invited to a really cool opportunity in Seattle with Kia. Now most of you know that I love Kia. Kia is one of my favorite companies to work with. Their staff is outstanding, but their cars are AWESOME. So when they offered to let me drive their new Kia Soul EV, I … [Read more...]

Things Are Not Always What They Seem.

It's been a while. I have been to California. To Disneyland. To the Ritz Carlton. To a haunted theme park. To a walkathon at a local school. To countless football games, PTA meetings, parent volunteer gigs and to the craft store for Halloween/birthday/just because. I have so many things I want to blog about and sometimes I just can't. I want … [Read more...]