It has been quite a crazy trip the past few weeks. I've spent a few feverish nights, wrapped in as many blankets as I could find, shaking and hoping that eventually one of the nine medications they put me on would stop my sudden transformation into a sweaty coughing mess. I am so much better now. My last round of steroids was this morning, and … [Read more...]

A few snafus.

So I started "training" for my MasterChef audition. Right now, training mostly consists of me making a really depressing list of all of the things I don't know how to do. And all of the kitchen gadgets I would like to have. And I started the actual cooking portion of my training by burning the first three things I tried to cook. Cupcakes. I … [Read more...]


I don't normally say my biggest goals out loud to people. They are secrets, to be guarded and protected and not told to anyone, just in case I fail and then nobody can say I'll never amount to anything because i don't reach my goals. So I might have some issues. Anyway. I was talking with a friend at work today and I told her my biggest most … [Read more...]