Driving the 2016 Hyundai Hybrid Limited

I’ve been writing these car posts for a while (nearly a year! OMG.). They’ve gotten a bit formulaic, and if there’s anything I like less than being predictable, I cannot think of it at this moment.


In lieu of the regular “here’s the stats and a bit about my experience with the car”, I give you a list. Because lists are my favorite. <3

hyundai 1


1. The ride. It is ridiculously smooth. We had this car over the Thanksgiving holiday, and everyone we ferried around was shocked about how easy and comfortable the ride is. Even when the car switches from the electric to the engine, it’s a seamless transition that you only notice because of the noise.

2. The simplicity of it all. I have mentioned before that I love buttons. However, when confronted with something this simplistic and intuitive, it’s hard to make an argument for more buttons. I knew where everything was and how to work it within the first 10 minutes of driving this car.


3. The luxury/price ratio. Yes, that is something that I just made up. If I didn’t know this was a Hyundai, I would definitely think it was a luxury vehicle that is far out of my price range. The model that I drove was all standard features (except the fancy floor mats), and still was more luxurious than I would expect for this price point on an electric vehicle like this one.

4. The electric engine and the insane MPG. In the week I had the car, I managed to get about 32 MPG around town. I didn’t get a chance to go too far with this car (no road trips *sob*) but I put a decent number of miles on it (Thanksgiving errands and all of the back and forth that weekend and to the movies) and only used a little more than a half tank of gas, which is awesome for me. I use about a tank every 2 weeks with Jupiter, my 2001 Saturn and he gets about 22 MPG. I don’t drive him often.

5. The little details this car has. Like the light on the door handle when you get close to the car, so you can see what you’re doing. The heated seats. The little holder that fits my cellphone nicely (and you can see below in the photo, just below the gearshift). The touchscreen for the radio/phone. The little screen that shows you how “aggressive”  your driving is. And like I mentioned in #3, the price point for this level of luxury in a vehicle is pretty awesome.

Plus, the color on this particular car is amazing. It’s grey or light blue, depending on what the sky is doing that day. It’s called “Seaport Mist”; a very appropriate moniker for a color reminiscent of the ocean on a stormy day.IMG_5141[1]

1. There’s actually 2 things I wish they would add for this car, and they are TEENY TINY things. One, I wish there was a sunroof. It felt just a TINY bit claustrophobic, which would definitely be relieved by the addition of a sunroof. Two, a little more trunk space would be absolutely perfect.



  1. Gas mileage. I just can’t with these numbers. 39 city and 43 highway. I could go twice as far as most of the other cars I’ve driven on the same size tank. This makes my frugal little heart go pitty-pat.
  2. Size/space. Nice leg room, decent cargo space. Like I mentioned, could be a tiny bit bigger on the trunk. The rear seats split 60/40 to make room for bigger items, but if I have 4 people on a road trip, we can’t bring much.
  3. Radio. Can play Pandora through the radio, has Sirius if I want it (and I’m starting to get spoiled with it) and has great coverage in the car.  Highs and lows don’t get lost, which is important when you’re listening to Miles Davis. For real.
  4. Good safety rating.  5 star safety rating. I love that <3
  5. Price point. $31k for the standard version we drove. Not bad for a car that is going to save me a lot of money in gasoline….. (prices = without taxes and such)

SO! Current standings for our top 3 choices are:

  1. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
  2. Hyundai Santa Fe
  3. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

You will notice I bumped out the Kia Sedona minivan. The only reason I did that (despite my instructions from certain people in my family and how much we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that car and want to sing songs about it) is because of the MPG and the price point. Sigh.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided the use of the vehicle and fuel for week in exchange for my opinion. I was provided no other compensation, all opinions are mine.

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