The One Where I Go To Zumba

I love to dance. I really do. I danced for a really big ballet company when I was small, so I am no stranger to actual dancing. I also am well-versed in the kind of dancing that only comes after a lot of whisky. I also have been known to line dance (and enjoy it fully). I dance in my kitchen ALL THE TIME. DANCING MAKES COOKING BETTER. … [Read more...]

More Love Please.


The past few years have been tough. I went through a lot of therapy to deal with an ugly issue. I basically floated through most of my life, hiding behind a big wall of lies and crazy and drama and all sorts of things to keep people far far away from the mess that was the real me. That's enough of that, thank you very much. I've worked really … [Read more...]


I grew up watching Labyrinth. Wanting my hair to look anything like Jareth's. Rolling my eyes at Sarah, but rooting for her anyway. I planned to be Ziggy Stardust this past Halloween, but stayed home with a sick teenager and watched Labyrinth instead. I had no idea David Bowie was sick until the announcement of his passing on Sunday night, which … [Read more...]