10405376_10152977125342394_7753688836217580074_nHi, my name is Libby Liming (also known as Mia Cupcake) and I like to blog/tweet/facebook about healthy living and how I’m building my family to be the healthiest and happiest we can be! I also talk about my family, Disney, travel, running, food, my weight loss journey, with some cosplay and nerdy stuff thrown in.

I am a 30-something PTA mom from Bellingham, WA with 2 kids and a baking jones.

By day, I am a working lady for a big time corporation. At night, I lace up my running shoes and run away from it all, bake my face off and entertain my hilarious kids. By the time I get done with all of that, I’m usually too exhausted to don my cape and save the universe.

As always, let me know if you have any questions and welcome to my madness!