37 Days of Cupcake


My 37th birthday is in 37 days.

I don’t know how I skipped 29-36, but I told someone the other day that I was 32 and I thought I was right.


I spent the last week of 2015 and the first week of 2016 brainstorming and creating and coming up with my goals for 2016. Part of the process was to come up with a word for the year (which I will go into more detail in a blog post next week).

My word for 2016 is: LOVE.

I want to spread more love into the world. I want to make people smile rather than cry. I want to make somebody’s day. I want to have that person go out into their day and be kind to their people and the world to be a little brighter.IMG_5874[1]

SO. I am starting “37 days of Cupcake”. Much like Carlee McDot did for her last birthday, I am doing at least 37 acts of kindness in the next 37 days. They may be random, they may be intentional, but I will do them with the intent that they will spread a little love into someone else’s day.

I’ll try to update my Instagram and share the love with the #37daysofcupcake hashtag, but you can be kind and do it quietly.

HOWEVER – I do want to hear if you decide to participate! Use that hashtag all you like and go spread some love into your world <3

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