When is Enough Enough?

As a single mom, you are carrying everything. Whether or not you co-parent, you are the boss in your house. You do the laundry. You plan/cook all the meals. You bring home the bacon and then fry it up in the pan. You discipline the kids, and decide when/how to discipline them. You check the homework, you pack the lunches, you get the kids off to … [Read more...]

Driving the 2016 Kia Sedona


We have been on this extended test-driving journey for some time now. I am loving every minute of it, as sometimes test drives at the dealerships are just not enough to know if you could LIVE with a car. Yes, you could drive one car multiple times, but until you strap the carseat in, throw the in giant tote of scout supplies and see just how … [Read more...]