Cloth diapers and crawling?

So up until last week, we were cloth diapering Chuck. She wasn't moving around much (just rolling, pivoting on her bellybutton) and wouldn't sit up for very long. I just assumed she wasn't ready to crawl (i never did, and neither did Short Stack) and didn't think anything of it. Then we unfortunately (or "fortunately", depending on who you ask) … [Read more...]

A draft to our Silent Neighbor

Here's the draft of the letter to the neighbor. I think it's mostly a vent right now, and that this won't actually be sent to him. Still. It's freaking hilarious. Clicky clicky the photos to see bigger...they're calculations pulled straight from the county website on noise ordinance :) Dear Jack, We found your last email to be quite offensive, … [Read more...]

Oh, dear neighbor. Go f*ck yourself.

LETTER FROM OUR AWESOME NEIGHBOR. Names have been changed, because I really wouldn't put it past him to sue for defamation. Not like he has ANYTHING ELSE TO DO. The pool pump is the quietest one on the market. Our house is approximately the same distance from the pump as his is, and we can't hear it at all. Hardly even with the windows … [Read more...]